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ISO 9001 Principles

Drive down costs, increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001 standard is a quality management system designed to guide your business towards improved performance. Each principle features ISO 9001 procedures which management can implement and the benefits derived from making these changes.

Involvement of people

Openly discussing issues, and knowledge and experience sharing is a key ISO 9001 procedure. In the ultimate goal of achieving certification and demonstrating your organisation's commitment to quality it is essential that people understand the importance of their role and contribution to the company.

Customer focus

This principle is set to guide businesses towards a customer focussed outlook as a part of their commitment to quality. As part of ISO 9001 you should demonstrate that your business ensures a balance between satisfying customers and other interested parties - owners, suppliers, financiers, local people and the community, employees, and society in general.


The principle of leadership means you have a clear vision of your company's future. Strong leadership within a business ultimately results in motivation to work towards goals and objectives across all levels of the business. This ISO procedure will minimise miscommunication between levels.

Process approach

ISO 9001 is a standard centred on improving processes. Results are achieved when business activities are managed as a process. By systematically defining key activities and factoring in resources, methods and materials you can look to achieve results.


System approach to management

Each of the processes implemented in your business will interlink and contribute to the success of achieving your organisation's objectives. By measuring and evaluating, your processes will ensure quality and lead to continual improvement.

Continual improvement

This should be the focus of your organisation and a permanent objective. With ISO mandatory procedures you will have the performance advantage and be able to react quickly and efficiently to opportunities.

Factual approach to decision making

With accurate and reliable data and information available to those who need it informed decisions can be made; again resulting in continual improvement for your business.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Applying the principles of mutually beneficial supplier relationships typically leads to establishing a balance short-term gains with long-term considerations.

Implementing these principles as part of ISO 9001 certification offers businesses a range of benefits, including improved customer loyalty, better use of your company's resources, and improved customer satisfaction. Beyond this, you will also find that improved processes increase your revenue and allows you to obtain market share through fast responses to market opportunities.


ISO 9001Quality Management

Drive down costs, increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 certification assists even the smallest businesses in demonstrating the quality of their processes, while simultaneously driving down costs, improving productivity and boosting customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System can be implemented by both large and small businesses, offering a whole range of benefits to your company.


The ISO 9001 Certification Process

Certification couldn’t be simpler, which is carried out in various stages.


Our Process Involves:

1.    Initial visit from a Halcyon Business Systems Support Consultant 

2.    Assessment of the organisations requirements (wants and needs) and status of current quality management system 

3.    Discuss and agree requirements and implementation time scales with management 

4.    Proceed with developing, reviewing and / or updating current quality management system 

5.    Implement and embed new quality management system policies and procedures 

6.    Monitor, maintain and audit the quality management system 

7.    Assist with 3rd party accreditation / certification to ISO 9001 

8.    Adjust and develop the quality management system so that it integrates with other management systems / standard 


Ongoing Support

Once certified, we provide ongoing support, which assists you in managing your ISO Certifications. Further to this ongoing support in the auditing function is offered to ensure this area is maintained to meet the standards requirements.


Open New Markets and Pitch for New Business

ISO 9001 Certification can make the crucial difference when it comes to entering new markets, competitive industry sectors and when bidding for tenders or contracts. ISO 9001 certification opens up new markets and is often a prerequisite when tendering for government and blue chip contracts, with certified Organisations awarded points in pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ’s). Furthermore, a recent survey revealed that, as a result of gaining the ISO 9001 certification, organisations experience a significant increase in sales.


Introduction to ISO 9001

Drive down costs, increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

An ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a way of demonstrating your commitment to high quality practices.


What Are The Objectives of ISO 9001?

The objective of the ISO 9001 standard is to show that your business has implemented quality management systems for all areas of the business including:

• Facilities

• Equipment

• Services

• People

• Training

• Risk Management


ISO 9001 Elements - How to Gain Certification

1.    We’ll help you produce an ISO 9001 compliant manual, which can be done by our consultant, or by yourself using guidance from our consultant.

2.    Your consultant will help you bring your new manual into use within your organisation, helping you to realise the benefits of ISO 9001

3.    To become certified, an accredited auditor must visit your organisation to ensure the processes specified in your manual are being put to use

4.    Yearly checks must be made to your manual and processes, ensuring your ISO 9001 certification remains valid


What are the benefits of ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 Certification can make a crucial difference for small, mid-size and large businesses. ISO 9001 benefits include:

• Increased sales
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Cutting costs
• Improved business performance
• Reduce wasted resources
• Expand into new sectors
• Enhance your firm’s reputation

ISO 9001 can make a real difference to the bottom line of all businesses through improvements of each of these areas, and is cost-effective to implement with help from Halcyon Business System.


ISO 9001 Audit

Drive down costs, increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

At Halcyon Business Systems Support our audit process is quick and simple, with minimum disruption to your business. The ISO 9001 audit is an essential part of ISO 9001, helping you achieve four main objectives:

• Ensure your management system is compliant with the ISO 9001 standard
• To address any issues with the management system
• Identify any potential improvements to the system
• Ensure that the actions taken to meet the organisation’s quality objectives are appropriate


The Audit Process

Our expert team take the hassle out of the ISO 9001 audit process. Having helped implement and certify many management systems our consultants are in an excellent position to provide your company with bespoke feedback for your company's needs, complimenting your business strategy.

The audit is an essential part of the Quality Management System (QMS) and is required to demonstrate the function of the system.  One of our experienced auditors will visit your organisation and ensure the documented processes in the manual are being followed.


Third Party Auditing

Our consultants are experienced in a wide range of sectors, making their auditing skills extremely useful if you require a third party to verify that a supplier has the right processes in place to fulfil your needs, prior to awarding them the contract.

Our auditors can perform a standard ISO 9001 audit, or audit to your specific requirements.


ISO 9001 Internal Audits

The ISO 9001 internal audit looks to test and inspect the management system within your company. The audit looks at how things are compared to how they ought to be, highlighting areas needing attention. Thus ensuring compliance with the management system, this should be completed at least once a year, and in some cases more depending on results.

Do your staff need their Internal Auditing certification updated to the 2015 version. Why not contact us to get details of our two day Internal Auditing Course.


ISO 9001 Manual

Drive down costs, increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001 quality manual describes a quality management system, explaining how it should work.


Writing Your ISO 9001 Manual

The first stage is to draft your ISO 9001 compliant manual. This can either be done by one of our experienced consultants or by yourself with guidance from our consultants.

This ISO 9001 standard outlines requirements for organisations both large and small to successfully implement a Quality Management System, helping you to cut costs, streamline processes, improve the quality of your goods or services, and open up new markets.

Your ISO 9001 manual an essential part of attaining ISO 9001 certification, as stage a of the certification process is to bring the manual into use at your organisation. A further stage is, an accredited auditor must visit your organisation and verify that the processes documented in your manual are being followed, while as part of a later stage, annual checks must be made by your accredited certification body to ensure your manual and processes remain valid.


ISO 9001 Headings

The ISO 9001 standard 2015 version does not state that a quality management system is documented, but it expects that a system is in place which is both practicable and repeatable.  As a result, there can be great variations between manuals, from being hard to read and understand, too simple to read and implement. We like to, “keep it simple” is our maxim – our ethos is to offer consultancy and certification that is simple to understand and implement, without detracting from the quality of our standards.

Because there is no set format of an ISO 9001 manual, the headings within the document can vary. They generally cover key principles such as leadership, process approach, continual improvement and decision making factors.


Improve Business Performance

ISO 9001 certification is used by both small and large businesses to improve their performance, from increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction, cutting costs; enhancing reputation and even expanding into new sectors.

The standard really makes the crucial difference when it comes to entering new markets, competitive industry sectors and when bidding for tenders or contracts.


Draft Your ISO 9001 Manual with Halcyon Business Systems Support.

We can save you time and money, taking the hassle out of certification



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